Within Our Reach: Finding a Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Donate to the Research—The Summit of Leadership

When you donate to the Within Our Reach campaign, you are investing in some of the world's leading scientists who are accelerating and expanding the capacity of RA research that is not being done elsewhere. Your support will allow us to capitalize on research advances today to produce cures tomorrow.  Donate Now.

Examples of what your investment can do $10,000+ $25,000+ $100,000+ $400,000+ $1,200,000+
Enhance rheumatologists’ ability to improve and save lives
Make a transformational difference in patient lives
Improve our ability to capitalize on current research advances
Greatly encourage and influence other major contributors
Supplement state-of-the-art research equipment
Provide laboratory supplies integral to the research project  
Provide interaction between scientists to share the newest information about breakthroughs in rheumatologic research    
Fund a two-year grant(s), which includes funds for personnel, laboratory supplies and equipment      
Fund a three-year grant
(This level includes an option to name your gift in honor or in memory of a loved one or individual.)
Significantly increase the pace and scope of research        

While all gifts are important and appreciated, the REF supports the logic of appropriate recognition for various gift levels. Members of the Summit of Leadership receive various donor recognition and benefits, including participation on the Within Our Reach Advisory Board. Certain terms for recognizing corporations are negotiated and listed separately.

Pinnacle Donors

Principal Donor

Genentech, Inc.

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Arthritis Foundation, Inc.





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